MRC Terms and Conditions

Metro reserves the right to modify any of the terms and conditions governing the MRC program, including but not limited to, the methods by which the points can be earned, how points can be used, the equivalent peso value of the points earned, products that are included in or excluded from the program, and the conditions under which points may be forfeited in favor of Metro. This may be done at any time, with or without notice, even if the changes may affect your ability to use the points that you have already earned.

Metro further reserves the right to decline to issue an MRC card for any good reason. Metro may also refuse to authorize the issuance of rewards and / or to disallow redemption of reward points which have already been earned, if Metro reasonably believes that the MRC program has been used fraudulently by the MRC member or by another person accessing an MRC member’s account, with or without his/ her knowledge. Metro reserves the right, with or without prior notification, to terminate any MRC account that Metro believes to have been misused. If this occurs, the MRC reward point balance on the card will be cancelled, and no redemption of reward points shall be allowed.

Metro may use information that you supply upon enrollment in the MRC program, together with any information relating to your transaction and purchases, for purposes of administering the program, for statistical analysis and / or for sending you Metro news or offers. Offers may also be made by partners or vendors, based on your profile or purchase history.